We're off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow! 4 days of sun, beach, and pure relaxation with good friends, it's much-needed. Lucy gets nervous when she sees me packing (she's very attached).

I picked up some perfect fabrics for the laptop case. 2 are Amy Butlers, the other is a similar brand called Free Spirit (they tend to match their styles and colors to Amy's stuff). The multi-color will be the outside, the blue/brown will be the lining, and i'll do a pocket or flap or something with the green. I got some batting too, so it'll be my first attempt at quilting too.

I loved the green one so much, and I've been in need of a simple case for my ipod. So i put together in literally less than 5 minutes a perfect little case with velcro closure. Just in time for vacation so it doesn't get dirty with sand, I love it!

Listening to: Food Will Win the War - Traveling

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