Vintage Ride

There are very special moments in NYC, where you get lucky. Lucky to see things, experience things, that are not possible anywhere else in the world. Last Wednesday was one of those.

Apparently The Bahamas, yes the chain of islands, has a lot of extra money to spend. So they revived a vintage NYC subway train, a whole train! Not just one car! It was celebrating Duke Ellington Day, so it revived the subway cars that were put into service around the time that the Duke hit NY. Late 1930s early 40s. The Duke Ellington Orchestra performed at the 125th St. mezzanine station, then the vintage A train departed from 125th St, down to Howard Beach/JFK (fastest way to the bahamas!), then back to 125th St. 1 round trip. And I was on it from West 4th to 125th.

The Duke Ellington Orchestra and another jazz band played on the train cars for most of the ride. Everyone had a blast. Old people were amazed to be inside the trains that they saw growing up. Us youngins were thrilled to experience a blast from the past. When I got off the train, I actually had to adjust to being back in 2009, absolutely wild and so fun! I hope they do this every year!

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