Unfortunately, Becky...

Nabbed from Stephanie and many others out there, purely for fun.
Google the term "Unfortunately, [your name]" and see what you get...

Some are quite amusing... 

  1. Unfortunately, Becky decides she should know the truth and tells her.
  2. Unfortunately, Becky was not feeling up for the trip, so we had to decline.
  3. Unfortunately, Becky is now gone, however, with her last offspring (Convincer) ariving in Spring 2001.
  4. Unfortunately, Becky didn't get to experience living life as a grandmother for too long-her oldest grandchild was 6 years old when she died from pancreatic cancer.
  5. Unfortunately, Becky offers no assistance sealing the deal at the end of the night, Romeo. 
  6. Unfortunately, Becky berating Honey will be the thing that many customers will remember that day, and that is NOT good for business. 
  7. Unfortunately, Becky's compulsive shopping and growing debt threaten to destroy her love life and disrupt her career.
  8. Unfortunately, Becky is unable to complete the race, though she does win a special award given to the person who best exemplifies the spirit of the sport.
  9. Unfortunately, Becky lost and Amjad bowed out, but Kris and Jon got elected.
  10. Unfortunately, Becky is captured and given to Michelle as her way to shed her mortal ties. 
  11. Unfortunately, Becky hadn't arranged any questions, and he was rather drunk, so it was a bit of a shambles.
  12. Unfortunately, Becky decided at the last minute that she did not want to walk down the aisle by her self.
  13. Unfortunately, Becky, I think exploding is the wrong term.
  14. Unfortunately, Becky's husband, Herb, wasn't quite as enthusiastic. 
  15. Unfortunately, Becky came downstairs, screamed, and Gilley's instinct was to quiet her.

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