Abu Dhabi!

I'm going, we're going! Dad and me. For the Middle East International Film Festival to represent NEW YEAR BABY. Isn't that wild?? The festival wanted a director or producer, so I've been upgraded to Assistant Producer of Screening and Outreach. It sounds so important, I love it! And I'm bringing dad because he loves to travel and, well, what better way to see a beautiful Islamic land than with a tall distinguished man by my veiled side? And thanks to Couchsurfing, I've already hooked up with an American living there who will show us the ropes!
If Zaha Hadid were just a few years ahead, this might be where we're screening.
But instead we're staying and screening at the *yawn* Emirates PALACE.

The journey begins Oct 14th!

listening to: Bird and the Bee - La La La

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  1. woo! yeah beck!
    That sounds amazing- I'm so happy for you and Dad! Take lots of beautiful pics!