things to do with apples...

So i'm trying to use up the apples from apple-picking. I haven't been eating them up as much as I thought because they're still a bit tart. I might try an apple crumble dessert, or if I can get cranberries I'll make my cranberry/apple sauce. In the meantime, I made plain old applesauce, which was a LOT easier than i expected.
  1. Quarter and de-core 8 apples, put in large pot
  2. Add a glug of orange juice and a little bit of water, just to cover the bottom of the large pot
  3. Sprinkle raw sugar and cinnamon to taste
  4. I added a tsp or so of vanilla, only because I just got it fresh from the Dominican Republic. Maybe some ginger?
  5. Bring to boil, then simmer until liquid is soaked up (~30 mins total). Stir occasionally.
Voila! Applesauce! 8 apples gave me enough for a big dinner party or enough for me alone for a week or 2. I kept the skins on for more color and texture. It's so perfect for the summer/fall change.

Any other apple ideas?

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  1. Beck, You can make apple butter in the crock pot using apples. I'll post the recipe. Or ask Grandma. I got it from her.