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Now THAT was a real vacation. i've been to the beach before, and i've been to islands before, but this was different. The Dominican sunsets were other-worldly, the locals were beyond friendly, the ocean warm and calm at night, the resort just perfect. i've never been interested in all-inclusive resorts before, but this deal was so good we couldn't turn it down (thanks travelzoo!). i certainly wouldn't do this for every trip, but it is quite the treat to have EVERYTHING already paid for. all that said, here are the teaser pics to get you to view the entire album... and Adi's album...

Now for the highlight of the trip... The resort puts on a show every night, think themed dancing, music, performance stuff. Most of it was cheesy as you can imagine. Then. there's. the. Michael Jackson Show. Dominicans love MJ, and it shows. They had a look-alike and did semi-reenactments of his best songs/videos, including Bad (with amazing breakdancing), Smooth Criminal, Thriller (yes. they did the dance.), Heal the World... It was spectacular.

We spent all 4 1/2 days pretty much just laying on the beach. We threw in some kayaking, salsa dancing, lots of volleyball, football, and frisbee, and we even went to the gym on most mornings! On vacation! It was a tropical outdoor gym, we couldn't pass it up. We got off the resort for 1 day and went to Altos de Chavon. It's a beautiful mountaintop... place... I'm not really even quite sure what exactly it is. (I do know that Michael Jackson was married in the church there.) It's sort of an artist's village/historical community, I think. Anyway, it's beautiful.

Came home to 55 degrees on a beautiful night - Fall is in the air!!

listening to: Leah Siegel - The Grandma Song

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