laptop case... check

Ironically, having a blog has increased my productivity. I'm getting things done! Just because I posted about it for the 2 loyal readers, I feel like I need to follow up and actually complete things.
I made the case for my laptop today. It was a little tricky to figure out the layout since I was lining it, but it came out great. I didn't quilt any of it like I had wanted too, but I was too nervous to mess it up, it was looking so pretty.

So here it is:

Lucy: 'Hmm, what's this?'

Lucy: 'Hey, stop taking pictures of this thing and play with ME.'

Lucy: 'Fine, FINE. I'll just lay here and be cute until you're done.'

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with my dog yet?

listening to: Jeff Buckley - Satisfied Mind

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  1. I think Lucy needs a bag of some type...she's feelin' left out! (: