apron success!

Fabric: 1 yd each of two fabrics
Pattern: reversible apron, from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing
Time: ~2 hrs including cutting pattern pieces, sewing, pressing, and finishing
Skill Level: Easy, there were no special stitches, nothing tricky about aligning pieces.
Extras: You can add pockets, applique, other fun stuff. I kept it basic since I love the prints so much.

I was going to crop the picture so you could see more of the apron, but look how nice the swatch portraits look on the wall! The one up on the top in the middle is even the same fabric!

Detail of the topstitching with a perfect teal thread I found buried. It was one that came in those sewing kits you get at the grocery store. All of them are such weird colors like teal, bright pink and yellow... You never know what will work.

Sewing has been so fulfilling lately! Quick projects like aprons, totebags and computer cases are so much easier and quicker than clothing, I've really gotten to practice some basic skills and get better with my machine. I might be ready to finally take on a patterned dress again. If you've been scared of sewing, I can recommend some of these basic and fun patterns I've done lately to get you started. It allows so much freedom in choosing fabrics and details that inspire you. I just love looking around my apartment and seeing lots of little things that I've made!

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  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hi. I am currently excited starting this project but I am stuck! how do I place the pattern pieces? The side one doesen't match the end and the top of the center one. Could you give me any tips? or even a picture of the placement?
    It would be so much help. Thank you!!