THE table

I get a lot of comments about my dining room table. It's my baby. It's beautiful.

So I figured I'd post about it so you, yes you, can check it out for yourself.

The company that made it is called Sticks, and they make furniture and 'object art'. Anything from tables, to lazy susans, beds, mirrors, gameboards, lamps, dressers, bookcases, chairs, candlesticks... They sell through furniture stores, galleries and boutique distributors all over the US. You can order any of their stuff through these stores, though most stores don't keep a huge stock in-store. I ordered through American Pie on South Street in Philadelphia. It was a custom order based on some other pieces I had seen in the store. I asked for things to be added in like music symbols, an angel on the violin, etc... You can also personalize the written messages around the edge of the table, though they also have standard sayings or nothing at all. As for prices, it really varies. Consider that it will be more than traditional furniture because it is indeed art. You'll obviously pay more for custom than stock pieces.

The chairs are $20 Ikea chairs that come in red, blue and unpainted. We painted the green ones to bring out the brightness of the table.

The Sticks color palettes are amazing, and I love the pretty whimsical designs. Since getting this table, I have chosen my apartments based on how the table will fit and if I can paint the walls around it so that the table is the focus that pulls the room together. And it works. Every time.

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