Yoga + Dancing = Pain

I started going to yoga again, after a year or so of not using about half of my muscles apparently. There are muscles hurting that I didn't know existed. Particularly in my back. It's fascinating really. And it's not like you can stretch more before or after yoga. Before, I used to take a more restorative type of yoga, and these classes have been very fast-paced, strength-building. It's great, and I feel so much stronger already, but dear god, it hurts.

And today we went to Dance Dance Party Party again, and it was as fun as I remember. Imagine a dance studio, lights turned down, multi-colored disco ball glowing, a dance mix playing loudly, and 10-15 women of all ages, shakin' it like nobody's watching. I'm telling you, if you are a woman (sorry guys...) and you live near NY, Providence RI, Chicago, Austin, or LA -- GO! If the other cities are anything like NY's, it is the most energetic, judgement-free fun you will ever have! I'd really love to make it a weekly thing, so we'll see if I can work out the Sundays.

So with yoga and dancing kicking my butt this weekend, I am a sore lady. Wrapping up the night with some tea and tylenol.

listening to: Jai Uttal - Durga Pahimam

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  1. That's funny -- I didn't go to DDPP because I was so sore from yesterday's yoga class. Mainly my shoulders and arms, but definitely my back too. Maybe next weekend though...