quiet night

I feel the beginnings of a nasty cold coming on and have decided to stay home from orchestra rehearsal to take care of myself, that and start working on this reversible apron that's been cut out for a month. It's the same fabric from the totebag I made last month.

I'm going to need it this weekend. I'm hosting ~20 people for an early Thanksgiving dinner. I'm only making the turkey, stuffing, and pies, and everyone else is bring drinks or a dish from their family's traditional dinner. It was one of those things that just kept growing and growing. I love hosting people for dinner, but from now on I'll have to keep it to smaller groups! My poor apartment can barely hold 20 people standing, this is going to be very interesting. More details on the menu and seating issue resolution as the week unfolds...

listening to: The Beatles - Long Long Long

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