Buy Nothing Day & Cookies

So the day after Thanksgiving is unofficially known as 'Buy Nothing Day', a growing little kick in the face to Black Friday. A good friend of mine has a family tradition of doing all their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. It's always amazed me. I made the mistake last year of going to the mall in Jersey City on the Friday after Thanksgiving to look for a lamp. Just a lamp. HUGE mistake.

So this year I was going to try to avoid all shopping and buying in general. There was some hoopla around the effort, many people saying that it wouldn't make a difference anyway because I'd just buy more the day before or after. That's kind of beside the point. I consider it more of an awareness-raiser throughout the day so I'd be thinking more about what I consider needs vs. wants.

Regardless, I failed. We were baking Christmas cookies all day (a little family tradition), and we sent Dad out to buy some baking supplies throughout the day. I also needed to take care of 2 gifts online, before I forgot. In that case I was thinking, "If I don't buy these today, I definitely will tomorrow, if I remember, so I'll just get them today." It was a good try though, and I was definitely more thoughtful of the kinds of things I purchase instead of revamping or borrowing.

Anyway, we baked about 16 kinds of cookies, thanks to Dad's run for more butter (we went through 6 lbs of butter).

Inquire within for recipes to:
mint brownies
pecan tassies
cherry cheesecakes
britzle bars
congo bars (chocolate and butterscotch)
lemon bars
almond bars
7 layer cookies
peanut butter blossoms

And just because she's so cute, here's your dose of Lucy:

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  1. Wow.

    I'm still trying to decide what cookies I'm going to be making this year. Peanut blossoms definitely and my mom's filled date cookies, but what else? I'm thinking three more varieties at least for a well-rounded cookie plate.

  2. Andrea9:57 AM

    I don't know why your blog hasn't been updating on my bloglines so I had no idea there was such a treasure trove of Becky to behold. Is Laura your friend who black friday shops? :) I can't believe how many cookies you baked. I've only made like one batch of chocolate chip so far. I suck.